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The Camelot Way

Our Curriculum

Camelot River Valley Preschool
Camelot River Valley Preschool - Integrated Curriculum

Play-led, Child-Centered Integrated Curriculum

At Camelot River Valley Preschool, our curriculum is all-encompassing and based on an enriched program. It fulfils the Local Singapore Early Years Development Framework (EYDF) and Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Framework, as well as the International Baccalaureate (IB) and  United Kingdom Early Years Foundation Stage (UK EYFS) framework. Our curriculum encompasses a kaleidoscope of discovery, where subjects are integrated, learning is active, and teaching strategies are responsive to the needs, interests and learning styles of individual children.

Our preschoolers are exposed to broad inquiry topics that give them ample opportunity, to work individually and as a team, allowing them to explore, hypothesise, create and take initiative. Throughout this process, the teacher acts as a guide and co-constructor of knowledge.

Camelot River Valley Preschool - Preschoolers
Camelot River Valley Preschool - Beyond The Classroom

Academic Excellence
Beyond the Classroom

Our inquiry-based teaching practices coupled with years of extensive curriculum development and design, empowers children with an eco-system of support and opportunities that will give them ample opportunities to explore broad concepts, question enough to make hypotheses and most importantly, fascinate them enough to yearn to learn requisite skills, leading to academic excellence beyond classroom as well as paves the way towards being well balanced, caring and compassionate global citizens.

Camelot River Valley Preschool - Child-Centered Philosophy
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